oVirt 4.2.x Install HE (Hosted Engine) (4 Hosts) (2 SAN-HA)

Dated: 09/20/2018

The following is an outline to install oVirt 4.2.x with Hosted Engine (HE) and 4 hosts.

The hardware that I will be using for this test environment is as follows:

You can apply the following setup to most environments.

My production environment is much bigger and all of the following is still applicable to that environment as well.

2 x SAN (iSCSI)(NFS)

Additional hardware required for this example

  • 27 Cat6 network patches
  • 28 port 1GBe SMART switch
  • recommend to use some sort of UPS setup for power guarantees
  • recommend using multiple switches with redundancies, but that is not covered in this example