oVirt 4.2.x Install HE (Hosted Engine) (4 Hosts) (2 SAN-HA) – Configure – Re-Install HOST A

This outlines the Re-Install of HOST A of the oVirt 4.2.x Install HE (Hosted Engine) (4 Hosts) (2 SAN-HA)

Once you have your other hosts installed, it is time to re-install HOST A as somethings will need to be reset from when it was installed as a launching point for the ENGINE VM.

  1. In the WEB UI
    1. Compute – Virtual Machines
      1. Click – Hosted Engine
      2. Click – MIGRATE(button)
      3. Choose one of your other hosts to migrate the engine to
      4. Click OK
  2. Once the Engine migrates do the following
    1. Compute – Hosts
      1. Click HOSTA
      2. Click – Management – Maintenance
      3. Once the HOSTA is in Maintenance, click INSTALLATION – RE-INSTALL
      4. Wait for the host to be re-installed and activated. Once all done, all 4 hosts should show healthy.

That should do it.

I hope this guide helps someone as it took a long time to figure out many of the things that look so simple now. If you have issues, we’ll see you online on IRC.