Migrating from XenServer to oVirt

I no longer use oVirt, so I wont be furthering this project. oVirt is >>Awesome<< however, I decided to move all of my VMs into a large managed datacentre that uses vmware.

I want to thank the oVirt community and all of the people over on IRC for thier awesome support.

Feel free to use this code for your own ovirt backups or future oVirt backup software.

I am using this site to share my experience in switching from Citrix XenServer to oVirt(KVM).

In December of 2017 when Citrix announced the pricing/feature changes coming with version 7.3, I had finally had enough of XenServer and that is when I started my path to oVirt.

XenServer worked okay for me over the years I used it, however it had many issues that I just got used to and learned to live with.

Now that I have migrated to oVirt, I am loving it! I find that oVirt is much faster, and I am liking the WebUI which I can customize, and I can run it on my mobile devices too!

The documents on this website share what I have learned through migrating from Xen to oVirt as well as some of the tools I have built for oVirt to give back a little. I know these tips will not help everyone, but I hope you are able to get some information that you find helpful.