This site is used to share some open source project work with related communities. Hope you find something useful 😉

zipur Add Text To Admin Menu

This hook will add the text back to the admin menu links that were recently removed. You can download this addon by installing the ZipUpdater and choosing this addon from the list of available addons in the list right from your own admin. Then any future upgrades can be done with a click of a [...]

Phoenix – Zipur Database Tool

Drop a table, or adjust any SQL required without having to use PHPMyAdmin etc. Look at all of the tables and their columns as well as seeing record counts. Write a SELECT statement and then review the returned results. Search for specific table info. Search for specific table including a matching column name. You can [...]

Phoenix – zipur Updater

zipur Updater offers the following features to CE Phoenix: Updater Easy installer of packaged addons. These addons have to be created with the Update Creator or manually created to match the spec expected by zipur Updater. Once addons are installed using the tool, you can easily uninstall, reinistall, delete, update the addons with a click [...]

Phoenix – Simple CSS Hook

A simple way of adding some CSS to your catalog without worry of css files being removed in future updates would be to add something like the following.   <?php /** * $Id: zipurCSS.php * $Loc: catalog/includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/ * * zipurCSS * Version: 0.1.0 * Author: Preston Lord * aka zipurman / zipur.ca / plord@inetx.ca * [...]

Phoenix – Add Share This to your product pages

Place the following code in the file named zipurShareThis.php. Save that file to catalog/includes/hooks/shop/product_info <?php /** * $Id: zipurShareThis.php * $Loc: catalog/includes/hooks/shop/product_info/ * * zipurShareThis * Version: 0.1.1 * Author: Preston Lord * aka zipurman / zipur.ca / plord@inetx.ca * * Created: 07/07/2020 - Last Update: 07/25/2020 * Created as a hook for CE Phoenix [...]

Phoenix – Add popular countries to top of list – new signup

Add the following simple hook to the following file: /catalog/includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/zipurAccountSignupCountries.php You can adjust the config array to add your favorite countries for your store to the top of the list. <?php /** * $Id: zipurAccountSignupCountries.php * $Loc: catalog/includes/hooks/shop/siteWide/ * * zipurAccountSignupCountries * Version: 0.1.2 * Author: Preston Lord * aka zipurman / zipur.ca / plord@inetx.ca [...]