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Upgrades to oVirt 4.2.x (Hosted Engine)

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When you login to your oVirt Web UI and see that your hosts have upgrades, this is the process I follow:

  • Move all of your VMs off of HOST-A
  • Move your oVirt Engine VM to HOST-A so that is the only VM running on that host.
  • Login to HOST-A as root and do the following from the command line:
    • hosted-engine –set-maintenance –mode=global
  • On HOST-A you can use the following command to watch for the status of the VM to make sure it goes into GLOBAL MAINTENANCE
    • hosted-engine –vm-status
  • After you confirm GLOBAL MAINTENANCE, Login to Hosted Engine VM as root and run the following:
    • engine-upgrade-check
  • If updates are available
    • yum update ovirt\*setup\*
  • Run the following and review options, I use defaults:
    • engine-setup
  • For me, the upgrade always fails as the upgrade replaces /usr/share/ovirt-engine/services/ovirt-engine-notifier/ovirt-engine-notifier.conf. My solution, I just re-edit that file and add my required adjustments again. Then I run:
    • systemctl restart ovirt-engine-notifier.service
    • service ovirt-engine restart
  • Now do the following and update the other packages on the oVirtEngine VM
    • yum update
  • **Important:** If any kernel packages were updated, reboot the VM to complete the update.
    • I use the following commands on the HOST-A to restart the Engine VM if required due to kernel updates
      • hosted-engine –vm-shutdown
      • hosted-engine –vm-status
      • (AFTER you confirm the engine is down)
        • hosted-engine –vm-start
  • Once the Engine restarts issue the following on HOST-A
    • hosted-engine –set-maintenance –mode=none
  • Now login to the WEB UI and go to Compute – Hosts
    • move the Hosted Engine to HOST-B
    • click HOST-A and put it in Management-Maintenance
    • click HOST-A and Installation-Upgrade
    • once HOST-A reboots, and is completed, Management-Activate
    • move the Hosted Engine to HOST-A
    • for each remaining HOST
      • move all VMs off of the host
      • click HOST and put it in Management-Maintenance
      • click HOST and Installation-Upgrade
      • once HOST reboots, and is completed, Management-Activate
    • once all HOSTS are upgraded, you should be done 😉


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