Ovirt Tips


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  • In my experience, I found that novnc seems to be the easiest to install for remote access to VMs on OSX.
  • You can change the default for oVirt to set for all NEW VMs
    • ssh into your oVirt Engine
      • engine-config -g ClientModeVncDefault

        should return something like “ClientModeVncDefault: Native version: general”

      • engine-config -s ClientModeVncDefault=NoVnc
        engine-config -g ClientModeVncDefault

        should now return “ClientModeVncDefault: NoVnc version: general”

    • now you should be able to access your VMs in the browser when clicking “CONSOLE” on the VM
  • You can also edit existing VMs
    • set the VMs CONSOLE to be VNC
    • Click the CONSOLE ▾
      • Console Options – NOVNC

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